"My Brother's Life, Unraveled"

Alex Halperin, a news editor at Salon, tells the story of his brother Anthony.

In April of 2011, Anthony committed suicide on the roof of the family home, after years of behaviors that his parents and siblings attributed to a heavy school workload, medical school, and studying abroad.

An incredibly smart, handsome, and hardworking man, Anthony lost a battle that many Americans face. Almost 90% of people who commit suicide suffer from a treatable and diagnosable mental illness. Though Anthony didn't ever go see a psychiatrist, he exhibited recognizable symptoms of many mental health issues.

Read more to learn about this family's struggle with depression and mental illness, and the grief that inevitably comes after a family member commits suicide. To learn more about someone who may be at risk for hurting themselves or others, please visit our #‎KnowtheSigns program page here: http://bit.ly/16sNLE3

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