"We Must Stop Killing Each Other"

"We have neighborhoods where gun violence is both expected and accepted," said James Clark from Better Family Life in St. Louis. He and community outreach leaders from Better Family Life have implemented a 3 step plan to curb gun violence in their neighborhoods.

The first action they are taking is to hand out yard signs that read, "We Must Stop Killing Each Other." The signs are meant to spark a conversation in the community about what can be done to reduce and prevent gun violence before the summer months arrive and rates of violence traditionally surge.

Step two is to reach out to the community and ask what resources they would like to see to reduce gun violence and crime, and step three is to better connect churches to the neighborhoods they operate in and the people they serve.

So far the team at Better Family Life has handed out 1,500 signs and are planning to deliver another 1,000. Read more about their efforts HERE.

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