A Note from A Promise Leader

Every day we receive kind messages of support and love from our followers on Facebook and Twitter, in the Sandy Hook Promise email inbox, and in hand written notes and personal phone calls. We love hearing from you and it encourages us endlessly. Here's an amazing note from a Promise Leader:


"We had an 8-year old in our elementary school threaten to bring a gun to school and shoot someone last week.  My daughter has been a classmate with this troubled child since first grade.  In a letter to the principal, I cited the SHP stat about 4 out of 5 school shooters telling someone ahead of time, and the fact that when we're teaching our children to say something we have the obligation to show that we're listening and can/will help.  So, from a very personal perspective, thank you for giving me information and tools to take action right here in my school community."


If you are interested in becoming a Promise Leader to bring SHP's prevention programs to your school & community, please visit http://www.sandyhookpromise.org/promise_leaders



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