Promise Leader Responsibilities

What actions will I be taking in my community?

There are many actions you can take as a Promise Leader.  We’ve listed some ideas here for you, but feel free to be creative.  Of course, we can help you if you want to try something new to you!

Raise awareness and engage new members to help protect children from gun violence through:

  • Hosting and attending small or large events, such as house-party discussions, round-table talks, community events such as fairs and sporting events, and educating attendees on SHP.
  • Creating and implementing online and social media events, such as Google hangouts and tele-town halls and sharing SHP materials. 
  • Building our movement by growing the number of new Promise Makers by asking them to make the pledge to protect children from gun violence.

Educate and implement tools and actions by:

  • Implementing tools and actions in your home, workplace and/or organizations you associate with.
  • Approaching and engaging parents, schools and other community-based organizations outside your network.
  • Bringing experts together in real and virtual roundtables to identify and discuss community based solutions.
  • Engaging local media in promoting and supporting tools and programs.

When needed (and if you choose), help support policy change by:

  • Identifying, developing and/or supporting existing sensible policy. 
  • Advocating for county, state and/or federal sensible policy change. 
  • Raising awareness, engaging others, helping make calls to community members, visiting with/calling legislators. 

What is my role?  

Your role is to lead your Promise Community and/or ask someone who will be part of your Promise Community to lead it. As a leader, you help set the goals and actions of the community, determine and sharing tasks amongst members, measure how well you are doing and keep open open communication with us so we can best help you. Key is setting attainable actions and sharing responsibility with others.

How will SHP support my Community?

Sandy Hook Promise will provide in-person and electronic support through our Promise in a Box kit and other relevant materials and support.  We will send all materials, step-by-step instructions and provide an outlet for feedback.  

Though you can always rely on  SHP for guidance, resources and support, as you grow comfortable as a Promise Leader, we want to give you the space to lead on your own, in the way that is best for your community. As communities grow, support and sharing will begin between communities, not just from the SHP team.  

SHP family members and staff are also available to come speak within your community (based on size of event and calendars).  Just ask and we’ll do what we can!

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