"Blocking the Paths to Suicide"

“You can reduce the rate of suicide in the United States substantially, without attending to underlying mental health problems, if fewer people had guns in their homes and fewer people who are at risk for suicide had access to guns in their home.”

Experts told the New York Times that not enough attention is being paid to the means in which different populations commit suicide. For example, if a walkway over a bridge has a high fence, a struggling college student would be deterred from jumping off, or if a parent kept their guns locked away and unloaded, a teenager can't end their life suddenly on a particularly difficult day.

Determining who is most at risk of committing suicide is difficult. In one study, 60% of patients deemed "low-risk" who were released from acute psychiatric care died by suicide. Blocking the means by which people commit suicide is of utmost importance due to the unpredictability and swiftness in which a person decides they want to hurt or kill themselves.

Read more from the New York Times here.

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