By the Numbers: From Promise To Action

Students take part in No One Eats Alone DayThough we've always said this movement will be a marathon, not a sprint, we made our children, and all children, a Promise. And together – all 425,000 of us – we are turning that Promise into action.

In Ohio, our proving ground for our grassroots campaign to raise awareness about gun violence and implement our research-based programs, we already have huge momentum and demand. In less than six months, we have talked with over 250 organizations, and more than 140 Ohio schools and youth organizations have implemented a Sandy Hook Promise program. Nationally, our programs have reached and are protecting almost 200,000 students. We've already surpassed our expectations, with over 400 Promise Leaders committed to taking action with Sandy Hook Promise. We've delivered over 100 programs to nearly 180 community-based organizations, including training in Mental Health First Aid, Say Something and No One Eats Alone. As if that weren't enough, beginning in August we are launching two of our programs into Connecticut middle and high schools.

The actions and programs we promote are comprehensive and research-based to ensure they are both impactful and effective. Our website will soon be updated with new materials, but until then, you can learn about programs to help you "Know the Signs" (Mental Health First Aid, Say Something and No One Eats Alone) as well as Keep It Safe & Secure (KISS), our firearm safety guidelines. Later this year, we'll be adding in a new program to train schools and communities on identifying and intervening for at-risk behavior in youth – so remember to check out our website or Facebook page for updates!

It's an exciting time for Sandy Hook Promise. But we know we can't do this alone. If you want to take the next step in turning your Promise into action, consider becoming a Promise Leader. We'll support you in delivering action in your community!