Flaw in Reporting Allowed Marysville Shooter's Dad to Buy Guns

A flaw in the reporting system between tribes and outside authorities is being looked at very closely after the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting in October of 2014.

The shooter's father was able to purchase a firearm even though he was under a protective order, something that would have likely been caught had the domestic violence protection order issued by the Tulalip Tribal Court been entered into the proper state or federal criminal databases.

Referencing the need for a merge in reporting systems, since no one tracks which tribal records are entered into state and federal databases, a Tulalip Tribes spokeswoman said, "The tribes have been begging for this to happen for over a decade."

In an October resolution, the National Congress of American Indians called on the US Attorney General to find a remedy to the broken system. You can read more on this story HERE

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