How is my donation being used to prevent gun violence?

You can make a donation to any or all of the Sandy Hook Promise organizations. 

1. Sandy Hook Promise Foundation 

  1. Raise awareness and educate Americans on the causes of gun violence, with a specific focus on mental health & wellness and gun safety.
  2. Build a national network of Promise Leaders committed to implementing local, state, and national change via our prevention programs.
  3. Bring experts together in real and virtual roundtables to identify sensible community based solutions, programs, and best practices.
  4. Develop and deliver researched based programs, at no cost, to parents, schools and community organizations
  5. Offset costs associated with operationally supporting the above initiatives via fundraising and standard administrative costs

2. Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund

Contributions will be used to help influence legislation (lobby) for state and federal policy changes, via our national base of Promise Makers and Leaders in the areas of mental health & wellness and gun safety.

Examples of actions / costs that would be incurred include (but are not limited to) raising awareness, educating, engaging, meeting with legislators and/or constituents, research and preparation, advertising, paid-media, events, campaigns, social media and/or standard administrative costs.

Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) Foundation and Action Fund have overlapping, though not identical, Boards of Directors and Officers. SHP Foundation and the Action Fund will observe appropriate corporate formalities (for example, separate accounts, reporting, by-laws and charter) and any allocation of shared assets or staff will be performed in accordance with a formally set Cost-Sharing Agreement, which ensures that the Foundation does not subsidize any of the activities of the Action Fund or vice versa.



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