• SHP launches Promise Leader initiative which trains and develops community-based leaders to implement awareness and prevention program implementation in their home.
  • SHP and Americans For Responsible Solutions work with Facebook to implement new policy to reduce the sale of firearms on their Facebook social media platform.
  • Mark Barden, Advocacy Director at SHP, receives White House Champion of Change Award for his selfless work advocating to prevent gun violence.
  • SHP launches national program platform in areas of mental health & wellness and gun safety. In total, 5 programs and practices are launched.
  • SHP launched Promise College initiative at Tufts and Brown for 2014-15 school year educating young adults and training them in Mental Health First Aid.
  • SHP signs-up 200 Promise Leaders across the nation to help implement programs and raise awareness of gun violence.
  • SHP launches its field force into Ohio to build out and mobilize Promise Leaders to raise awareness and deliver programs to Schools and community-based organizations. While SHP has launched all programs and Promise Leader actions nationally, Ohio will serve as a test state to build out our change model.
  • SHP launches Promise Day event – monthly call to action of our supporters to take meaningful action in their homes and communities.
  • SHP launches Say Something campaign in Ohio to teach teens how to recognize the signs and signals in social media of someone who may harm themselves or others.
  • SHP launches advertising campaign test to build base of supporters (to date all was earned organically). Attract 70,000 supporters to Make the Promise returning a ROI of nearly 200% versus investment.
  • SHP launches Monsters Under the Bed awareness video and What They Left Behind documentary. Over 1.9 million people are reached and 400,000 view Monsters.
  • SHP helps pass Background Check initiative in WA. SHP helps pass and progress legislation in multiple states and helped pass national legislation to improve the NICs system.
  • SHP endorses and continues support for Mental Health First Aid Federal legislation and works with Representatives Murphy and Thompson on House versions of Mental Health to improve access and care.
  • SHP pursued and progressed Child Access Protection legislation within multiple states including Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  • SHP reaches 400,000+ “Promise Maker” base of supporters, 100,000+ Facebook supporters … doubling our size in less than one year.



  • SHP launched by 16 families whose children and spouses were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary and members of the community – “The Promise” shared and read 10s of millions of times.
  • SHP launches Tech Initiative to fund and identify how technology can make firearms safer – to date $1.5M has been invested and awarded.
  • SHP featured on nearly all major network and cable news shows including a double-segment on 60 Minutes introducing our thinking and approach to gun violence prevention.
  • SHP launches TV/Digital advertising campaign featuring family members asking America to Make the Promise.
  • SHP progresses and helps gain the passage of sensible, comprehensive mental health & wellness and gun safety & access laws in Connecticut.
  • SHP single driver in attaining cloture vote on Background Checks in the Senate in April 2013. SHP had 17 families from Sandy Hook who lobbied 49 Senators in 7 days.
  • SHP launches comprehensive research to understand causes, enablers of gun violence and to identify real solutions – we met with academics, medical professionals, law enforcement, gun-owners and groups, educators and overall experts in the space of gun violence prevention.
  • SHP initiates and partners with Senate and House members to develop Mental Health legislation – we anticipate bills being introduced in late 2015.
  • SHP, throughout the spring of 2013, lead passage of legislation in Delaware, Illinois and New Jersey. Progressed changes in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.
  • In the Fall 2013, SHP announces core purpose and actions – shifts from policy focus to community-based prevention through programs and practices, education and awareness and changing “gun violence acceptance” attitudes & behaviors.
  • SHP launches “Parent Together” national campaign asking parents to join with other parents, at a community level, in supporting sensible solutions that help prevent gun violence, regardless of their relationship to the gun issue.
  • 180,000 Americans “Make the Promise” to protect children from gun violence.
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