In Kansas, It's Not Illegal to Have a Firearm Within Access of a Child

A lapse in Kansas law was discovered this January by a single dad named Theodore Redick. After his 6 year old son came back from a visit to his mother's home, he told his father that he had seen a gun on his mother's dresser. When Mr. Redick called the police to report the situation, they told him that it was not illegal to have a firearm around or within access of a child.

Because of this, he is testifying in support of Kansas SB 222, a measure that would make it a crime for any person, not just a parent or guardian, to "recklessly expose children to dangerous weapons such as a loaded firearm."

The case above highlights the importance of keeping firearms safe and securely away from children. You can learn more about safe storage here: #‎KISS

Read more about Mr. Redick's story and SB 222 HERE

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