Mother's Day Promise Day!


This May, #PromiseDay is all about the love we share for our moms and how hard they work to #ProtectOurKids!

There are 3 meaningful actions you can take this month to encourage other moms and female role models in your life to make the promise and to show our appreciation.

When you download the Mother’s Day Toolkit, you will receive directions for all three of these actions.  Each of these seemingly small, yet powerful actions can be done in as little as 1 – 3 hours.  In the first, you will receive samples and guidance on how to get the people you know to Make the Promise and join us in working to protect our kids, prevent gun violence, and promote mental wellness. The second will give you instructions on how to set up a tableing event to build awareness about SHP at your place of worship, local church, town community event, or event outside your favorite grocery store! The third option is an art project that moms and dads can bring into their children’s schools,  and create the SHP tree logo, while writing kind messages about their moms or guardians and the best things they have instilled in their kids.

If you would like to join others from across the country in participating in our Mother’s Day Promise Day and honoring the moms in your life, please sign up before April 30 at:

To download the toolkit, click here:

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