Oregon Background Check Bill Hearing Draws Strong Debate

After opponents in Oregon argued that a proposed bill would be inconvenient for gun buyers, a man who lost his wife in a mass shooting at the Clackamas Town Center in 2012 asked, "How inconvenient is it to have your wife taken from you in a heartbeat?"

Senate Bill 941, the Oregon Firearms Safety Act, aims to expand background checks to private and online sales and was heavily debated on Wednesday. Certain familial transfers will be exempt from the new law. Two other Oregon Senators also introduced SB 945, a child access prevention law that would allow police to charge parents with a crime if kids are able to access a gun they are not supposed to have.

Background checks and child access prevention laws will ensure the safety of more Oregonians their children. These laws will help to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerously ill people and criminals, as well as out of the reach of children to prevent unintentional shooting deaths and injuries that have become much too frequent.

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