Oregonians Are at the Capital Today Encouraging the Passage of SB 941

Oregonians are at the capitol today to let their legislators know that it's time to enact background checks on all gun sales. Members from SHP have been in Oregon pushing for the passage of SB 941 and the importance of universal background checks and child access prevention laws.

SB 941, also known as the Oregon Firearms Safety Act, was introduced in the Oregon Senate last week and has 25 co-sponsors. The bill would require private sellers to conduct a background check on firearm sales or transfers, unless the sale falls under a list of specifically exempt transfers, and would close the loophole that has allowed violent felons to buy guns with no questions asked.

SB 941 would also require the Oregon State Police to notify local police when a prohibited purchaser tries to buy a gun fails the background check. Read more HERE

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