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Once on board as a Promise Leader, you will receive on-going support, turn-key instruction and tools to take actions in your community, be invited to join our online Promise Leaders discussion group, receive quarterly newsletters packed with tips and ideas and receive invitations to participate in events and trainings.

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Promise Leader Responsibilities


What is a Promise Leader?

A Promise Leader is a committed supporter of Sandy Hook Promise’s mission and approach who is willing to go beyond activity at the individual level and bring Sandy Hook Promise programs to a larger audience within their community (that audience could be at a school, place of worship, civic organization, or other youth-oriented organization).

Each Promise Leader will look different depending on their area of interest, network, culture of the organization or institution, and the time they have available. Many of Sandy Hook Promise’s Promise Leader activities can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization or institution and can be done in just a few hours a month.

Why Promise Leaders?

Sandy Hook Promise is supported by over 450,000+ individuals. These individuals support the work of Sandy Hook Promise by educating themselves on how to protect children from gun violence via in-home programs, sharing SHP news, responding to SHP digital requests and making personal donations. We are incredibly grateful for the work and support of these individuals.

To fulfill our mission, we must not only act within our homes and digitally, but also act “on the ground” within our communities. To do that, we need volunteer Promise Leaders who are committed to working with schools, colleges and universities, places of worship, workplaces, youth serving agencies, libraries or community centers, nonprofit organizations and community or civic groups to help build awareness and help deliver our prevention programs.  

What is my role and responsibility as a Promise Leader?

Promise Leaders agree to implement a Sandy Hook Promise Prevention Program or organize a Sandy Hook Promise Awareness Building Activity within their organization or community at least 2-3 times each calendar year. This could include:

  1. Raising awareness and engaging new Sandy Hook Promise supporters to help protect children from gun violence through:
    • Organizing small or large events that educate members of your community about Sandy Hook Promise, such as house-party discussions, round-table talks and tabling events at community resource fairs.
    • Creating and delivering online and social media campaigns that build our movement by growing the number of new Promise Makers by asking them to Make the Promise to protect children from gun violence.
    • Recruiting others from your organization or community to become Promise Leaders and help you organize awareness building events or implement Sandy Hook Promise programs.
  2. Empowering and educating others within your community on the seemingly simple, yet powerful actions they can take to prevent gun violence and protect children through:
    • Bringing a Sandy Hook Promise program, such as Youth Mental Health First Aid or Say Something to their school, youth serving organization, or other community institution or organization.
    • Approaching and engaging parents, schools and other community-based organizations and asking them to bring a Sandy Hook Promise program to their home or organization.
    • Engaging local media in promoting and supporting Sandy Hook Promise programs and mission.
  3. When needed (and if you choose), help support policy change that compliments our programs by:
    • Identifying, developing and/or supporting existing sensible policy.
    • Advocating for county, state and/or federal sensible policy change.
    • Raising awareness, engaging others, helping make calls to community members, visiting with/calling legislators.

How will Sandy Hook Promise support you as a Promise Leader?

By signing up to become a Promise Leader, you will join Promise Leaders from across the United States working to protect their communities and children from gun related tragedies. Sandy Hook Promise will provide you with resources, training, support, and recognition.

When you sign up as a Promise Leader with Sandy Hook Promise, you will receive:

  • A downloadable Promise Leader toolkit to assist you in implementing your chosen prevention program or awareness building activity. The toolkit includes materials, tip sheets and sample tools to help you get started.
  • Access to a private, online Sandy Hook Promise Leader group where you can share ideas, get advice, and connect with other Promise Leaders across the county.
  • Monthly informational and educational email newsletters.
  • Invitations to join occasional training related conference calls and webinars with other Promise Leaders across the country.
  • Invitations to attend Sandy Hook Promise meetings and events in your area.
  • Recognition via Promise Leader certificates and the sharing of your success stories and activities via the Sandy Hook Promise website, newsletters and social media.