Recognizing Promise Leaders

As the first half of 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to recognize the over 200 active Promise Leaders who have organized an awareness building activity or implemented a Sandy Hook Promise program. A big thank you to:

Lorna, Dayton OH
Rosemary, Cleveland OH
Jamie, Lorain OH
Stephen, Lorain OH
Pam, Dayton OH
Shauna, Lorain OH
Bob, Fairfield OH
Rick, Cleveland OH
Stacey, Park Ride IL
Cherie, Lorain OH
Lisa, Grafton OH
Doug, Berlin Center OH
Andrew, Hamilton OH
Karen, Campbell OH
Toni, Sebring OH
Dan, Akron OH
Jennifer, Youngstown OH
Vanessa, Wallinford, CT
Tracie, Poughkeepsie NY
Lester, Cleveland OH
Denine, Cleveland OH
Ashley, Cincinnati OH
Cindi, Evanston IL
Dave, North Jackson OH
Meaghan, Poolesville MD
Mark, Dayton OH
Mike, Mason OH
Marisa, Meriden CT
Rachel, Ardsley NY
Todd, Columbus OH
Jeff, Columbus OH
Laruen, Campbell OH
James, Youngstown OH
Rachel, Lorain OH
Judy, Columbus OH
Christina, Hamilton OH
Tracey, Hickory NC
Theresa, Youngstown OH
Richard, Dayton OH
Anthony, Poland OH
Mandy, White Bear Lake MN
Brian, Cleveland GA
Danielle, Pleasantville NY
Romules, Toledo OH
Troy, Elyria OH
Holly, Fremont CA
Michelle, Middletown OH
Gina, Fairfield OH
Carrie, Fairfield OH
Alexandria, Middletown OH
Diane, Lyndhurst OH
Nicole, Lockhart TX
Vicki, Lorain OH
Carolyn, Davenport IA
Dawn, East Rockaway NY
Terri, Hamilton OH
Jennifer, Newtown CT
Al, Boardman OH
Angela, Rego Park NY
Erich, Akron OH
Andrew, Akron OH
Jenny, Danbury CT
Mindy, Youngstown OH
Ariana, West Hartford CT
Keith, The Woodlands TX
Ann, West Chester PA
Joni, Hamilton OH
Sharron, Altadena CA
Paul, Youngstown OH
Duane, Youngstown OH
Wendy, Wakefield RI
Nikki, Worthington OH
Sarah, Waterville NY
Rex, Youngstown OH
Mary, Sunbruy OH
Laurie, Perrysburg OH
Calvin, Cleveland OH
Kevin, Pauling OH
Ann, Columbus OH
Tim, Willoughby OH
Annie, Westerville OH
Gail, Columbus OH
Chris, Columbus OH
Pat, Youngstown OH
Julie, Streetsboro OH
Jessica, Dayton OH
Vince, Youngstown OH
Brenda, Youngstown OH
Rick, Lorain OH
Celestino, Lorain OH
Pauletta, Cincinnati OH
Julia, Bentonville, AZ
Zoe, Youngstown OH
Kathleen, Lorain OH
Charlie, Lorain OH
Vinaida, Lorain OH
Jen, Cincinnati OH
Barbara, Columbus OH
Elizabeth, Mechanicsburg PA
Stephanie, Thorton CO
Elizabeth, Vermillion OH
Catherine, Cleveland OH
Leslie, Elyria OH
Tinna, Lynbrook NY
Patricia, Shrewsbury NJ
Noelle, Murfreesboro TN
Ellen, North Chatham MA
Gina, Sheffield Lake OH
Greg, Elyria OH
Cameron, Wooster OH
Fred, Grand Rapids OH
William, Cleveland OH
Tiffany, Cleveland OH
Sara, Jupiter FL
Jodi, Elyria OH
Anna, Elyria OH
Patti Jo, Elyria OH
Jane, Elyria OH
Chris, Avon Lake OH
Patricia, Murfreesboro TN
Amy, Williamsburg OH
Bob, Youngstown OH
Kathy, Youngstown OH
Beverly, Perryburg OH
Michelle, Rome GA
Jennifer, New London CT
Charles, New London CT
Jonathan, New London CT
Sarah Rose, New London CT
Jennifer, New London CT
Sarah, New London CT
Lysandra, New London CT
Caroline, New London CT
Ann, New London CT
Bert, Denver CO
Suzanne, Doylestown PA
Lindsay, Cincinnati OH
Lisa, Buffalo Grove IL
Louise, Perryburg OH
Carol, Cincinnati OH
Polly, Toledo OH
Doris, Elyria OH
Kumad, Martinez GA
Pam, Fairlawn OH
Denise, Dayton OH
Jenny, Snellville GA
Yvonne, Menlo Park CA
Mary, Lorain OH
Kyla, Fort Wayne IN
Linda, Cincinnati OH
Dawn, Amherst OH
Gini, Columbus OH
Katie, Columbus OH
Bonnie, Columbus OH
Betty, Suffolk VA
Matt, Cleveland OH
Charlene, Maineville OH
Janet, Sylvania OH
Nathaly, Santa Ana CA
Martha, Perryburg OH
Alison, Cumberland ME
Melissa, Columbus OH
Taryn, Henderson NV
Naesha, Philadelphia PA
Cheryl, Houston TX
Shannon, Street MD
Scott, Fairborn OH
Noushin, Conroe TX
Betty, Perryburg OH
Barbara, Mentor OH
Melissa, Columbus OH
Emily, New London CT
Sabrina, Dayton OH
Lisa, Dayton OH
Alexandra, Ashburn VA
Khalid, Cleveland OH
Cathy, Youngstown OH
Pam, Youngstown OH
Paul, Vernon CT
Deanna, Worthington OH
Pam, Toledo OH
Bill, Toledo OH
Kurt, Westlake OH
Shane, Alexandria VA
Laura, Alexandria VA
Amy, Worthington OH
Laura, Youngstown OH
Heather, Saint Albans WV
Corrine, Frederick MD
Madeline, Frederick MD
Laura, Youngstown OH
Laurie, Youngstown OH
Jane, Columbus OH
Chad, Columbus OH
Joyce, Columbus OH
Barbara, Columbus OH
Karen, Columbus OH
Beth, Columbus OH
Traci, Columbus OH
Peggy, Columbus OH
Wendy, Columbus OH
Darrett, Columbus OH
Freda, Ontario Toronto
Stephanie, Eastlake CO
Doug, Groveport OH
Don, Beaver Falls PA
Megan, Columbus OH

If you have completed a Promise Leader action, but don't see your name listed above, please email us or complete the online Promise Leader reporting form.