Newtown, CT — Mark Barden, Advocacy Director of Sandy Hook Promise and father of Daniel, issued the following statement on the passage of SB 941 in Oregon:

Today’s passage of SB 941 is a needed step toward keeping Oregon families and communities safer from gun violence. The bill will close the loophole that currently allows criminals to buy guns by applying the existing system of background checks to all gun sales, including sales among unlicensed individuals and online. This legislation will make Oregon a safer place to live, and we are grateful to legislators in the house and senate for doing the right thing and standing up for the safety and well being of their constituents.

We understand – tragically more than most – the urgent need to keep families and communities safe from gun violence. That’s why we were eager to lend our voices and support of this important legislation. We thank all those who voted yes, and urge Governor Brown to sign SB 941 into law. 

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