Utah High School Student Alerts Officer of Student With a Gun, Helps Avoid Another School Tragedy

#SaySomething - A GOOD BYSTANDER at Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah helped prevent another school tragedy.

They saw another student with a gun in their waistband and alerted the school resource officer who was able to detain the student without trouble. After being detained, the student was charged in a juvenile detention center with possession of a weapon with intent to assault, possession of a firearm in a restricted area and possession of a firearm by a minor. 

He later admitted to investigators that he planned to shoot another student he was in a relationship with, then open fire on others. The student who spoke up when they saw the weapon undoubtedly avoided another school shooting tragedy and showed us all why it's important to say something. For information on our Say Something program, please visit http://www2.sandyhookpromise.org/say_something_community

For more on the good bystander and the investigation into the student with the weapon, click HERE. 

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