Who are the leaders of Sandy Hook Promise (SHP)?

SHP Foundation and Action Fund are led and governed by a two separate, committed Board of Directors. 

These organizations have overlapping, though not identical, Boards of Directors and Officers. SHP Foundation and the Action Fund will observe appropriate corporate formalities (for example, separate accounts, reporting, by-laws and charter) and any allocation of shared assets or staff will be performed in accordance with a formally set Cost-Sharing Agreement, which ensures that the Foundation does not subsidize any of the activities of the Action Fund or vice versa.

We continue to add Board of Directors and Advisory Council members to both organizations. If you have an interest in a role, email tim.makris@sandyhookpromise.org.

SHP Staff

  • Mark Barden - Co-Founder, Managing Director and Father of Daniel who was killed on 12/14/12
  • Nicole Hockley - Co-Founder, Managing Director and Mother of Dylan who was killed on 12/14/12
  • Timothy Makris - Co-Founder, Managing Director
  • James Belden - Co-Founder, Operations Director
  • Joe Tyrian - Financial Director
  • Paula Fynboh - National Field Director
  • Betsy Gaier - Volunteer and Office Coordinator
  • Mary Hamilton - Program Director
  • Ellie Hayes - Field Organizer
  • Irene Ryan  - Finance Manager
  • Alexa Tomassi - Social Media Manager
  • Carol Wolf - Senior Development Manager
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